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Media Accreditation Request Form

Before you fill in the form below, please read and review the ‘Media Accreditation Rules’.

  • Personal Details

    Please fill out your relevant personal details below.
  • If you do not have a press card please send proof of media accreditation to: moc.t1721770765irips1721770765gnilg1721770765na@ni1721770765mda1721770765
  • Max. file size: 16 MB.
    Please upload a good quality photo of yourself, similar to one you would use for a passport or ID.
    Select an option that is representative of your role.
  • If you selected other, please give a brief job/role title.
  • Media Information

    Details regarding you and the nature of your publication.
    Select an option that is representative of your organisation's platform.
  • If you selected other, please give a brief platform title.
  • Please provide a link to the most relevant face of your media organisation/group i.e.: website, social media page, YouTube channel etc.
  • Please give relevant general details about your organisation and details regarding as to why you are an appropriate recipient of media accreditation at Angling Spirit events i.e "We are a popular UK based angling magazine that has 50k followers on Instagram, we have covered the event for 5 years previously and give great exposure to the event... etc."
  • Please state how many times (if any) before you have covered different Angling Spirit events i.e "Our channel has filmed at the WCC for the last 5 years.".
  • Accreditation Request

    Please describe what kind of media privileges you are applying for below.
    Select an option which is representative of what kind of media you will be recording and producing from the event.
  • Please describe the nature of your media accreditation requirements. Please state when you wish to arrive, what sections of the event you would like to cover, wether you would like to interview a specific angler etc. Be as detailed as possible.
    Please tick this box if you have read, understood and agree to Angling Spirit accreditation and all event rules and are willing to comply with all instructions and rules given on-site.
  • Remember to print a copy before submitting your form.Click here to print

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