World Carp Classic food delivery

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Boulangerie Zanella is offering this year an on-site delivery service of bread, pastry and beer.
They will also be happy to source any other products just let them know which ones on Note field below and they will contact you by SMS or email with a price.

Must be placed no later than 19:00 pm for the following day.
All orders must be placed online via this order form.
Despite showing in Pound Sterling (£) we confirm prices are in euros and must be paid in the euro (€) currency

Due to COVID delivery will not be on peg but at designated collection points. You will get an SMS when ready to be collected.

Preferably via click this link Paypal Boulangerie Zanella.
Cash payment needs to be rounded up to the above full euro amount and be exact – no change can be given.

  • In international format ie: +44 (0)7796 123 456 You will be texted when you can come and collect your delivery
  • Price: £ 1.00
  • Price: £ 3.50
  • Price: £ 3.00
    Pâté Lorrain is a French dish consisting of marinated meat that is wrapped in puff pastry. The meat is sliced and marinated in a flavorful mixture of wine, thyme, parsley, bay leaves, and shallots.
  • Price: £ 3.00
    This classic French pastry dish is rich with bacon, cheese and cream
  • Price: £ 3.00
    Ham & cheese in puff pastry
  • Price: £ 1.20
  • Price: £ 1.00
  • Price: £ 1.30
  • Price: £ 1.40
    Classic French pastry of puff pastry filled with apple compote/sauce
  • Price: £ 1.50
    A delectable pastry made of chocolate, puff pastry and custard
  • Price: £ 2.50
  • Price: £ 4.00
  • £ 0.00
    Despite showing in £ we confirm the amount is in euros €.
  • Payment

    Paypal - this is the preferred option - Just enter above amount and proceed.

    Click here - Paypal Boulangerie Zanella

    Cash payment - the amount will be rounded up to the above full euro - exact amount to be given. ie: a total of 5.60 = 6 euros to be given.
  • Write here other products you would like us to source and we will get back to you with an SMS with the price. You will receive an email with a quote and possibly a picture of the product sourced