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Accent Color ():
Extra Color 1 ():
Extra Color 2 ():
Extra Color 3 (black): #
Font (black): #

White: #ffffff
Light Grey: #efefef
Footer: #1D2129
Footer Copyright: #1D2129

Blue colour in text: #d7e7f5

Top header blue:

Fonts (all): Open Sans


Using Normal Page Template


WCC18 Online Registration


Page header, hero image (main picture on Home/index pages): 610 x 414
Fancy box image (small block): 600 x 400
Logos image box (sponsor): 240 x 160
Image in text: 1200×800
Image in text: 600×535

Home Page Feature:
Home Page Box: 600 x 400
Acronym logo top left: 219 x 100

Banners AdRotate
Banner Ad top right: 1100 x 200

Padding / Margins
Row padding

Note: Set all rows to Full Width Background

Normal Page – Title Row, Bottom: 30px
All Pages Middle Rows, Bottom 30px
All Pages Bottom Row, Bottom 90px
Home Page Box Rows, Top 24px

Column padding

Home Pages: 2%;

Dividers (height)

Below headings: None 0r 30px
Below sections: 30px
Above buttons:

Page specific CSS

reverse image / text order on home page with side text – moved to custom.css

Top right banner ad: 1000x200px

Disable Zoom on Google Maps – WordPress


Fav icon: 512×512

Web top left acronym logo: 219 x 100


Hide menu: write not-active in CSS Classes box in a menu item

Menu link with no URL: custom link – Enter # in the URL field and label/text in the Link Text field

Menu in bold: write megamenu columns-3 in CSS Classes box in a menu item. Only applies to section home pages