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Angling Spirit Ltd Terms & Conditions for World Carp Classic (WCC) – World Carp Classic Junior (WCJ) – World Carp Classic Pro (WCP) – World Catfish Classic (WCF) – World Predator Classic (WPC) – World Predator Classic Kayak (WPK) – World Predator Classic Street Fishing (WSF) – Friends Of (FO)

Angling Spirit Ltd is the owner and operator of the World Carp Classic (WCC), the World Catfish Classic (WCF), the World Predator Classic (WPC) including their spin-offs and the cleaning operations at each venue better known as “Friends Of” (the Ebro/ Bolsena/ Haringvliet/ Madine). All activities undertaken by Angling Spirit Ltd share the same terms and conditions. Therefore all our terms and conditions links from the different sites we operate revert to this page.  

These Terms & Conditions are issued by Angling Spirit Ltd and form part of the contract as well as govern the terms on which Angling Spirit provides their services. A contract between Angling Spirit and participants/sponsors/agents will only be formed when Angling Spirit confirms the entry/ validate the sponsorship/contract agreement upon receipt of duly filled registration form/ exchange of contract and payment is received. The condition of entry/ sponsorship implies acceptance of the terms & conditions as well as the rules for all involved. It is the responsibility of the person booking the event to ensure all members of his/her party are aware these terms and conditions.

Approval & Confirmation of Entry
The contract will only exist between Angling Spirit and its customer upon receipt of at least the non-refundable entry fee deposit. Participants will then be allocated a reference number on official web list and a mention clearly indicating their entry status as follow:

Pending: the place is provisionally allocated under the understanding that a payment is pending. The place will usually be kept for up to a week after which without any further communication Angling Spirit may re-allocate, as they deem necessary.

In progress: meaning the client has a 48-hour window to ensure his payment arrives. Passing that Organisers have the right to allocate the place at their choosing without having to contact the initial client.

Approved: shows the entry has been secured against the payment of at least the non-refundable entry deposit. Participants agree to pay the balance as per the set-out schedule.

Confirmed: status is given only once the full basic entry fee payment has been received.

Entry:  refers to participants entry fee (WCC: pair-WCJ: pair+captain) (WPC: boat) (WPK: individual) (WSF: individual) – can also be referred to Basic Entry fee

Extras: 3rd angler, helper, team entry, sponsor link package are not part of the (basic) entry fee.

Validation of Extras
Extras can only be added to an entry and will be displayed on official web list upon full payment of the item(s).

Participants can book any extras to be added to their entry until the end of on-site registration if paid in full.

Complaints on bookings
Any complaints on entry fees must be notified no later than the end of on-site registration. Once on-site registration period has closed all claims on entries are non-void.


Priority Entry period (date as set out in communication): Past participants can secure a place by paying a non-refundable entry deposit and acceptance of event payment schedule. Full payment is required for any new participants.

Event Payment Schedule: each event may have its own payment schedule as detailed on each Event Registration Information page published on the relevant website otherwise the following schedule applies:

150+ days from the start of the competition: All registration can be done by paying a non-refundable entry deposit and acceptance of event payment schedule.

90 to 149 days from the start of the event: Entry fee to be paid in 2 equal payments at a month interval.

Less than 89 days from the start of the event: Registrations will only be taken upon full payment of entry fee.

Transfers, clear funds, charges
All payments have to reach Angling Spirit Ltd account in full cleared funds (bank/ credit card/ debit card/ Paypal service charges to be paid entirely by competitors) for the whole pound sterling amount as per amount set out on price list, regardless of the currency used in the country of origin (information given in Euro or any other currencies are purely for convenience).

Participants will be informed in writing of any payment supplier’s charges being passed on to their bookings balance. Print screen proof of charges being incurred can be supplied upon request.

Cash payment: any cash payment over £75 will incur a 5% surcharge to cover bank cash payment charges and handling.

Terms of Instalment Payments
At the organiser’s discretion entry fees paid by installments can be forfeited if full payment is not received within a maximum of a 120 day period from the date booking and first payment being made. Failure to follow the payment terms and conditions could result in loss of deposit.

Participants will be reminded from time to time of the status of their balance. A final reminder to all participants will be sent prior to the start of on-site registration.

All monies are to be paid in full at the latest during on-site registration. Note as mentioned above charges to be applied for cash payment.
If not settled in full, Angling Spirit reserves the right to treat the booking as canceled, in which case cancellation charges of up to 100% may apply.

Binding extras
Any extras listed on Official List published in Angling Spirit Event Official Magazine/Official Document is binding. Any cancellation made after magazine deadline will not be accepted and extra expected to be paid in full during on-site registration to confirm entry.


Cancellation of your entry
Should you or any member of your party cancel your booking, or part of it, we must be notified in writing by the person who signed the Booking Form or made the registration on-line. Cancellation will take effect from the date the written confirmation is received by us. We strongly advise cancellation notifications to be done using Angling Spirit online chat service.

Cancellation fee table
Depending on the notification period, a cancellation fee on your Entry fee and or extras will be applied as per the below table. This excludes any insurance premiums.

DATE                                     % entry fee
More than 181 days              deposit on the basic entry fee which if not stated is 25% of the basic entry fee.

180 – 121 days                        50% of monies received including extras and no less than the deposit

120 – 91 days                          75% of monies received including extras and no less than the deposit

90  – the start of the event  100% of monies received including extras and no less than the deposit

Outstanding balance on an account
Entry to the event can only be granted if participants agree to pay any outstanding monies from previous events at the time of their current registration including a £100 penalty per angler to cover incurred admin costs. In addition entry fee for the current year will also have to be paid in full.

No-show at event forfeit any payments made including a payment made using the Cash Redemption prize system.

Cancellation of event
In the unlikely event, the competition is cancelled for any reason including war or threat of war, civil strife, industrial dispute, natural disaster, terrorist activity, or prevailing weather conditions, this also applies to any unexpected closure of facilities being used the organiser reserves the right to re-schedule it at no extra cost to the competitors in the next following 12 months at the same or suitable alternative location.

If Angling Spirit then fails to organize the event within that time frame, competitors will receive full refunds minus a 25% admin fee on entry fee including event extras.

In any event Angling Spirit Ltd will never cover any refund to third parties (ie: hotels, car ferry, accommodation, travel…) as it is requested that all competitors have correct travel and personal insurances to which they should make a claim.


Health & Vaccination
It is your responsibility to ensure that you and other members of your party obtain the right inoculations and medical advice before you travel. It is a condition of entry for all competitors/helpers to provide organisers with next of kin & doctor’s details.

Passports/visas & Travel insurance
All persons travelling to an Angling Spirit Ltd event must ensure they have a valid passport/visa if applicable. Angling Spirit Ltd also recommends that you have adequate holiday/travel insurance to cover matters such as the cost of cancellation of entry to the event as well as the cost of assistance, including repatriation, in the event of accident, illness or breakdown as Angling Spirit Ltd will not accept any liability.

If in the opinion of Angling Spirit Ltd, its agents or suppliers your behaviour is deemed disruptive or causing distress injury or danger to other clients, property, our staff or any third party. We may terminate your entry into the competition, Angling Spirit Ltd will not be responsible for any costs or claims that are incurred.

Personal Public Liability Insurance
Angling Spirit ltd provides within the entry fee 
of its events a minimal Public Liability which covers only the participants in between themselves and only during the hours of the competition (WCC from competition start to finish – WPC/WPK/WSF during the daily hours of the competition). Angling Spirit Public Liability does not cover anything relating to the boat nor anything occurring while operating it.
Therefore Angling Spirit requests as an obligation towards their entry in the competition that all members of a party including Helpers have made necessary arrangements to have their own valid Public Liability insurance to cover them during the hours non-covered by the organisers.

Public liability required by organisers needs to meet the following criteria “to ensure it covers its beneficiary for taking part in a fishing competition with use of boats in xxx (name of the country where the event is taking place)” and where cash prize money is handed out. We also strongly recommend adequate travel insurance for all.

World Carp Classic Boat public liability insurance: strongly recommended – needs to cover the boat and its used during the event.

World Predator Classic Boat public liability insurance: this is compulsory for all and proof of insurance to be shown during the registration process.

Keep personal details up-to-date
Any notices due to be served under these Terms & Conditions and or event information will be sent by us to the email address provided during the registration process. Competitors must provide Organisers with any changes. Organisers can’t be deemed responsible if event information fails to reach competitors when using information details provided by them.


Return of items lent by Angling Spirit
To aid running events, organisers may lend equipment to participants that need to be returned immediately at the end of the competition. It is the competitor’s responsibility to return and sign the items back. Failure to do so will automatically forfeit their right to any prizes. Any items lent become the competitors’ responsibility until they are returned. In case of loss or damage competitors are liable to pay for the missing/damage of items.

World Carp Classic events: this includes the state of the swim which must be left free of any damage/rubbish. Competitors will incur local venue fine which must be paid before being awarded any prize and allowed to re-enter the event. See WCC rules for full details.

Theft and Damage to competitors
Organisers and event host venues cannot be deemed responsible for any theft or damage occurring during the event.

From the moment prizes are being officially awarded to their rightful winners they become their sole responsibility. Angling Spirit Ltd strongly advise them to take immediate action should they wish to ensure they are properly stored and/or insured.


We try our hardest to ensure complaints are dealt with amicably. In the first instance, We invite you to contact us directly by phone, email or in-person on-site if you have any grievances or concerns. If you are unsatisfied by the outcome we then invite you to address them in writing at Angling Spirit ltd address of business available on the website to be reviewed further.

We cannot accept complaints made to us after 28 days from the prize-giving ceremony, especially where you have not bought this to our attention during the course the competition and have not given us the opportunity to investigate matters and to resolve any issue or complaint.

You must address yours to us in writing at Angling Spirit ltd address of business available on the website.

The Contract
This contract is governed by English Law. Any disputes are to be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.


Use of pictures by Angling Spirit & associated partners
Persons depicted in photographs taken in conjunction with the any Angling Spirit Ltd events as competitors, team runners, helpers, sponsors, media, visitors, organiser’s team, host venue staff members will be used on a variety of marketing media by the organisers, media partners, and sponsors for an indefinite period of time.

These images are acquired in good faith and although efforts are made to obtain written permission to publish from the subjects depicted, this is not always feasible. Use of pictures is explained to the general public on our Visitors Do’s & Dont’s website pages.

For competitors, team runners & helpers free use of pictures taken is a condition of entry.

Use of pictures, logos & title by winners and their sponsors
In some cases, winners may want or be asked to endorse brands not involved with the event at the time of their win. Permission of using the appropriate logos on visuals must be applied for directly from Angling Spirit Ltd and will carry a cost.


Provision of data
For the running of the competitions, Angling Spirit requires an email and phone/mobile of any party responsible commonly referred to as “Captain” in any of its events.  Angling Spirit can’t be liable if competition information is not provided on-time due to lack of valid personal data.

Data protection
Competitors including Helpers: consent to any personal information provided to be used for administrative and marketing purposes relating to Angling Spirit Ltd with no limitation in time until a written request to be deleted is made.

Email communication: any data collected via email received may be added to our generic newsletter database. The system offers an automatic opt-out. Individuals must opt-in again when signing up again for entry.

Use of data by third-party
We will not share your details with selected third parties for marketing purposes unless you have specifically opt-in for the service.


Claim of prizes
Competitors will be provided at the prize giving (to a maximum of 14 days) with a Claim of Cash Prize procedure, in order to redeem their cash prize. Competitors must provide within 28 days from receipt of the form all details as set out on the online Cash Prize Redemption Form. After this time cash prizes will automatically be allocated in full towards a re-entry in the following year’s event. Entry fee payment rules apply.

Cash prize winners have the option to use in full or in part their cash prize towards their re-entry in the following year’s competition of their choice managed by Angling Spirit Ltd. When doing so cash redemption prize is treated as deposit and entry fee payment rules apply.

Payment of cash prizes
Full payments will be made only against details collected via the online Cash Prize Redemption Form. Participants may choose a third party usually a translator to represent them, in this case, their name should be the contact onto the electronic form.

Payments will be made within 28 days of receipt of Cash Prize Redemption Form dully answered and returned to us.

Payments will be made minus any monies left on the account if any – (generally extras to be invoiced taken during on-site registration.)

Angling Spirit Ltd will deduct any charges incurred + a 10% admin fee when re-issuing a payment following the return of the initial payment due to the incomplete or non-valid provision of information.

Demotion of awarded titles
In a situation where a prize has been awarded but it is later proven beyond doubt that any form of cheating was involved, the competitors involved will be immediately stripped of any titles that they were awarded. Also, any trophies, product and/or cash prizes (in FULL) are to be returned to the organisers forthwith where they will then be donated to a charity. We do not wish to profit from your cheating, but we do not want you to benefit from it either.


Information published on the website are the official ones and therefore super-seeds any information to be found in other communication media including Official Magazine and on-site documents. We will endeavour to make any changes of importance known using in first instance Social Media/website posts and when necessary via direct emails.

Any notices due to be served under these Terms & Conditions will be sent by us to the email address provided during the registration process.

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