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Notes on media accreditation request


Notes on Media Accreditation
The following notes explain the Angling Spirit accreditation policy. Please ensure that you understand and accept the conditions detailed in the Media Application and policies set forth in this document.

Applications will only be considered for professional working personnel who fulfill the accreditation criteria of Angling Spirit. Applicants will be subject to a screening process and may be asked to submit clippings/examples of work.

Accreditation Criteria

1. The applicant must be known for regularly covering carp/predator/sea angling or local news.

2a. Newspapers, radio stations, international news agencies, websites (including a publication’s own site), and specialist angling magazines, must submit their requirements and show the name of their personnel on an official application form.

2b. Freelance journalists, photographers, and broadcasters must be accredited via a National newspaper, recognised agency, TV program, or angling magazine.

2c. Only professional photographers will be considered. A publication must be able to prove that the pictures published are the original work of the publication’s accredited photographer. Any other picture used must come from Angling Spirit complimentary Media Gallery or Angling Spirit Official Photographers Gallery and pay the standard commercial rate.

2d. Angling Spirit does not guarantee that all personnel requests will be satisfied.

2e. Media Applications should be submitted as soon as possible, and no later than, two weeks prior to the start of the event. No applications will be considered after this date.

2f. A photograph for each person on the application is required, and should be uploaded on the online form. Applications without a photograph will not be approved.

3. A ‘Media Application’ should be submitted for each type of accreditation you intend to apply for, namely:
1. Written Word
2. Photo
3. Radio
4. Video News

4. Accreditation will not be granted to categories such as:
• Anglers’ Helper unless he/she complies with Media Accreditation criteria as set by Angling Spirit Ltd.
• Angling equipment manufacturers.
• Websites without a global reach that do not regularly cover Angling Spirit events.
• Sports and Angling book publishers.
• Publications that do not regularly cover angling.

5. The highest standard of fairness and accuracy are expected as a minimum requirement from the media.

6. If approved, there may be a charge for radio or video licenses, for an internet license, or for other additional licenses.

7. Applicants must be covered with third-party liability insurance and may be asked to provide evidence of their insurance.

8. Requests for accreditation will only be considered if made through the official online process with the online application form completed accordingly.
Application forms sent by fax/mail will not be accepted.

9. Competition passes are not issued in advance. They must be collected on-site in exchange for the presentation of a copy of the online application form and presentation of a photo ID in the form of a passport/ID card/driving license.

10.Passes are non-transferable.


* To sign in and off on each day being present on-site with HQ Officials between the hours of 09:00 am and 17:00 pm.

* Not to wander on-site without having been briefed by an Event Official.

* To respect the order of priority for pictures to be taken as follow: – Marshals
– Angling Spirit Official Photographers & Official Camera Crew – Competitors & Accredited Media

* In the World Carp Classic night stay can only be granted if non Helper Media bivvies with Marshals – They can never bivvy with competing anglers

* To comply with any requirements set out by any Officials at all times.


Please do:
– remember to wear appropriate footwear and clothing, sunscreen – be considerate of others – ask anglers permission to take pictures

Please don’t: – bring pets

Applying for Media Accreditation
If you wish to be considered for Media Accreditation, please fill in this form to be emailed the request form.

If you are a freelance journalist please enter the most relevant URL (magazine/online website/blog/social media page...) your articles would be published in
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